costarring from cherry farm 01

  • artist: various
  • format: CDR
  • release: 11 June, 2004
  • price: 1,000 yen (tax incl) - sold out


The concept "Costarring".
This project is some artist are to do MIX mutually, and to produce tune. It became a work that made each artist's unexpectedness and a new possibility peeped by co-starring. Please enjoy the concert in a cherry farm.
距離を置いて初めて見えるものがある。地元山形でレーベルを運営する意義を感じるからこそ、奥山心一朗は地元の特産品をレーベル名に冠したのだろう。その名も”cherry music”!最初にリリースした2作品が、いずれも共演作のみで構成されたコンピレーションであることにも、奥山の一歩引いた客観的な視点が窺える。とはいえ、場を提供する裏方に徹するわけではなく、ジャケットをひとつひとつ手縫いで作ったりするお茶目な側面も魅力的である。ここではコンピ収録曲から印象的なものをそれぞれ紹介したい。「~01」収録のarp+askococo「the new way to founded sleep」は、中央に位置するドローンが遠方へといざないながらも、その傍らから微かに聞こえるギターの乾いた音色や物音が現実に引き戻そうとする、いささかない逸品。

There are things you don't see until you get some distance from them. It's probably because he's conscious of the significance of managing a label from his home area of YAMAGATA that Shinichiro Okuyama named this label after one of the region's most famous products. The name is Cherry Music. Okuyama's objective, slightly removed stance can also be inferred from the fact that his first two releases are compilations made up exclusively of collaborative works. This is not to say that he's merely a behind-the-scenes presence who provides opportunities to musicians. In fact, he a whimsical side-he even hand-stitches each and every CD jacket.I'd like to present a couple of the most impressive tracks-one on each compilation. The central drone on Arp and Askococo's "The New Way to Founded Sleep"(on 01) backons the listener to a faraway place, while the faintly heard noises and guiter's dry timbre pull us back to reality. A superd piece of music. One of the most outstanding tracks on 02 has to be Rere and Jastino's "Torrente", which adds a suggestion of musical structure to field-recordings sounds. This modest push serves to bring out the inherent dynamism of nature. Every time I hear it, I tremble.

戸塚泰雄 / Yasuo Totsuka